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Measuring Dispensary Loyalty Programs

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Episode 02: Measuring Dispensary Loyalty Programs

Discover how to measure and optimize your dispensary's loyalty and rewards program for maximum impact. In this video, we dive into:

  • Essential tools and technologies for dispensary CRM and loyalty program management, including Alpine IQ and Springbig
  • The DIA (Data, Insights, Action) communication framework to align your team and make data-driven decisions
  • Key loyalty program metrics to track, such as member growth rate, active loyal member percentage, and club members to marketing subscribers ratio
  • Real-world examples of analyzing dispensary loyalty program performance and identifying growth opportunities
  • Tips for creating effective loyalty offers through customer segmentation and training customers to buy at full price

You'll learn proven strategies to grow your dispensary's loyalty program, engage your most valuable customers, and drive repeat business. If you're a dispensary owner, marketer, or retail professional, this video will provide actionable insights to take your loyalty initiatives to the next level.

Looking for Dispensary SEO Services?


Looking for Dispensary SEO Services?

Eric Allred

Head of Product

APR 17, 2024, 15 Min


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