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Local SEO

Create An Unparalleled Local Presence
That – Corners The Local Market.

Improving Online Visibility for Cannabis Retail

Our four-pronged approach ensures you dominate relevant local searches, stand out on the map, and become the go-to choice for nearby patrons.

The Local SEO Blueprint

Local SEO is the key to driving visibility and discovery for your dispensary in the search engine result rankings (SERPs).

Building a successful local SEO strategy requires focusing on the technical, off-page, and on-page aspects of SEO, conducting thorough and relevant keyword research that is tailored to your local area, and incorporating commercial, navigational, and informational keywords into your content.

Local Keywords

Localized Content

Schema Markup

Mobile Optimization

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Google My Business Optimization

Local Citations

Reviews and Ratings

Local Backlinks

Website Speed

SSL Certificate

URL Structure

Sitemaps and Robots.txt

Local Structured Data Markup

Content Strategy

Content Development

Content Distribution & Promotion

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Information

Profile & Listing Optimization

Ongoing Monitoring & Updating

Review Management

Response Management

Feedback Analysis

Logos of key local listing platforms including Apple Maps, Google My Business, and Weedmaps for dispensary SEO management.Logos of key local listing platforms including Apple Maps, Google My Business, and Weedmaps for dispensary SEO management.

Performance-Oriented SEO Approaches

SEO can be a “blackbox.” Our approach ensures we tie marketing activities to outcomes that align with your business goals.


We assess your challenges and constraints when designing a solution – this starts by aligning on what we need to measure and create a mutual view of what success looks like.

Local SEO Metrics:

Number of Impressions

Number of Sessions from Organic Searches

Number of Transactions

Number of On-Site Microconverisons (e.g., Directions)

Listings Metrics:

Number of Profile Views

Number of Searches showing your Business Profile

Number of Profile Interactions

Profile Interaction Rate

Review Metrics:

Average Review Rating

Number of New Reviews

Average Response Time

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Markets We Serve