Cannabis leaves silhouette overlaying a crowd of people, symbolizing community engagement in event marketing.Cannabis leaves silhouette overlaying a crowd of people, symbolizing community engagement in event marketing.

Vermont Cannabis Advertising Agency

Driving Distinction In Dispensary Marketing — Rooted In Results.

Differentiating Dispensary Marketing

We’ve assembled proven growth marketers who see the bigger picture in cannabis advertising. Our expertise is rooted in countless repetitions. We're not here to ride the wave but to help create it.

Our success stems from a concentrated blend of practices, concise communication requirements, and thoughtful applications of technology to help each dispensary improve how they allocate their time and resources.

Dispensary Advertising

How can you differentiate your advertising to stand out in a saturated market?

Make a Sound Investment

Differentiating in a commoditized market requires thoughtful budget allocation. The focus should be on where to invest rather than the amount.

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Logos of various advertising platforms such as Beeswax, Leafly, LinkedIn Ads, used for dispensary marketing.Logos of various advertising platforms such as Beeswax, Leafly, LinkedIn Ads, used for dispensary marketing.

Dispensary Email Marketing

How can you segment your email list to provide personalized content without overwhelming customers?

Hit Send With Confidence

Building your most valuable asset and driving more value from existing customers happens through thoughtful personalization and behavioral-based segmentation.

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Sample email marketing campaigns with themed content for dispensary promotions and events.

Dispensary SEO

How can you improve your dispensary's online visibility in a crowded local market?

Stand Out On The Map

Dominating your local market requires a four-pronged approach: engaging content, solid technical SEO implementation, relevant on-page SEO, and a robust backlink profile.

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Mobile screenshots showcasing dispensary profiles on social platforms emphasizing SEO practices.

Rooted in Results

Explore our track record of success with market frontrunners.

Interior of EMBR Cannabis Reserve with product displays.EMBR LogoExterior view of Fyre Ants Cannabis with its distinctive logo.Fyre Ants Logo
Inside Greenwolf dispensary showcasing organized shelves with various cannabis products.Fyre Ants Logo

Vermont's Dispensary Marketing Blueprint

Crafting a continuum of Process, Plan, and People creates the opportunity to transform client desires into predictable,  quantifiable results.

Successful dispensaries can identify, define, and execute across these three key pillars.

Our Approach

Understanding which channels and marketing activities you should prioritize begins with planning.

Create a plan, develop expectations, and reconcile results relative to expectations.

Maximizing loyalty revenue without sacrificing margins starts with understanding customer purchase behavior.

Build segments based on how recently they last purchased, how frequently they typically buy, and how much they spend when transacting to tailor offers and specials that are more relevant to each group.

Understanding what marketing inputs are responsible for driving vital financial outcomes is the foundation of any strategic plan.

We aggregate disparate data sources to build models that help us look at a confluence of metrics that move directionally rather than focusing on a single metric outcome.

Top Vermont Dispensaries

Vermont is home to many top-tier recreational dispensaries. Below is a short list of ones we recommend visiting and a few we currently work with.

Exterior of Capital Cannabis Co.

Capital Cannabis Co.

Montpellier, VT

Capital Cannabis finds its home at 44 Main Street, nestled in the scenic heart of Vermont's capital city, Montpelier. This location is surrounded by the historic charm of downtown Montpelier, offering an abundance of attractions, including the Vermont State House, an array of retail shops, restaurants, galleries, day spas, yoga studios, parks, coffee shops, and craft breweries. Highlighting the area's allure, a recent USA Today poll recognized Montpelier as the #1 Best Small Town Shopping destination in the USA, making a visit to Capital Cannabis a perfect addition to exploring the city's celebrated offerings.

Exterior of Greenleaf Central

Greenleaf Central

Burlington, VT

Located "in the alley" off Church Street, opposite City Hall at 30 Thorsen Way, Burlington, VT 05401, they boast the largest selection of cannabis products. All of their offerings are cultivated locally by experienced Vermont farmers, ensuring quality and expertise in every product. Moreover, they pride themselves on providing these top-tier cannabis options at the best prices available.

Exterior of Silver Therapeutics

Silver Therapeutics

Bennington, VT

They are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to assisting communities in reaching their wellness and enjoyment objectives through high-quality cannabis. Their diverse cannabis menu offers a wide range of options to cater to various needs and preferences. For those uncertain about a specific product or who have questions, they encourage calls during business hours for assistance. It's important to note that their menu is subject to change based on product availability, meaning there may be additional offerings not currently listed.

Marketing Your Vermont Dispensary

Vermont provides clear guidance for Cannabis Establishments seeking to understand their advertising responsibilities, as outlined in their November 2022 publication. With particular emphasis on age-appropriate marketing and truthful content, Vermont's guidelines are designed to maintain a responsible industry standard for advertising.

Defining What Constitutes Advertising:

Understanding the scope of what is considered advertising is crucial for compliance with Vermont's cannabis marketing regulations.

Advertising Defined: Involves any media that intends to induce cannabis sales.

Exclusions from Advertising: Certain labels, editorial material, educational content, and signs identifying business premises are not considered advertising.

Compliance Even for Non-Advertising: Establishments should ensure even non-advertising materials do not appeal to underaged individuals or contain false statements.

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Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve